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We are changing the way log homes are sold! 

Whatever your credit, whatever your budget, WE WILL find a way to get you into a BRAND NEW CUSTOM BUILT LOG HOME!

Log homes for sale

If you need one bedroom or all the way up as high as you can go… We can handle it, from $95K to well over one million, WE WILL FULLFILL YOUR NEED! 
We carry top selling  log home floor plans across the nation.

You find the log home you want, we will find a payment plan to fit your budget, then off you go! We take steps to get your credit cleared up and we find you the very best financing available. In no time at all, you WILL be saying goodnight to your family in your new custom log home.

“I started working with Innovative Home Designs and Marketing the end of September 2012.  After several years of renting I wanted to have my own home, however, due to the economy and some unfortunate circumstances, my credit scores were too low to qualify for a home loan.  I found an ad for Innovative Home Designs and Marketing and, although I was skeptical and thought it sounded too good to be true, I called them.  After speaking with and meeting the owner of the company in person, I decided to take a chance and move forward.  Very quickly after submitting the agreement and making the down payment, I was put in touch with the credit restoration team.  I sent them all three of my credit reports and within 24 hours they created and emailed me the letters to all three credit bureaus, which I immediately printed, signed and mailed.  After about 2-3 weeks I started seeing my credit scores increase and it took about 30 days to start receiving my reports back from the credit bureaus.  I was pleasantly surprised at the number of items on my reports that had already been deleted.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique and cutting edge program without hesitation.  It is already proving to be a God Send to me and I am so happy that I took that leap of faith.  I am looking forward to starting construction on my new home by this Spring.

If you are skeptical like me, don’t be.  This is the real thing.  If you want your own home and are having trouble getting financing, they definitely do what they say they will do.”

-All the best,

T M. Winston Salem, North Carolina